Monday, 31 July 2017

A lurid bolete

I got some help from the folk on the British Mycological Society Facebook page in order to identify this bolete I found at Woods Mill on Saturday, growing in a scrubby area at the edge of Hoe Wood.

Cap is yellow-y brown; discolouring red where it's been damaged.

Tubes remain whole when split. And there's a distinct red line above the pores: this is significant!

As with many bolete mushrooms, the flesh turns (slightly) blue when cut and the pores turn deep blue when bruised.

The stem is covered in a coarse and elongate network pattern.

I'm grateful to Slavko Pavlović, Antony Burnham and Geoffrey Kibby for explaining that these features particularly the coarse network on the stem and that red line make this mushroom a Lurid Bolete Suillellus luridus.

For the record
Date: 29 July 2017
Location: Woods Mill (edge of Hoe Wood)  
Grid ref: TQ217136 

Record entered into FRDBI 06/09/2018 

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