Monday, 4 January 2016

My first dung fungi

Ed. Apparently title should read, to be correct, "My first dung fungus". Thanks for the feedback, reader! 08/01/16

Found another small, round - almost disc-shaped, orange fungi with hairy edges. About 2-3 mm across.
It has a hairy underneath. (Tee hee!)
Looks kind of similar to the Common Eyelash (Scutellinia scutellata) I found the other day. Except it was growing in a cow pat*:

Don't think my books are really up to ID'ing dung fungi but features seem to point in the direction of some kind of Cheilymenia species. Possibly Cheilymenia stercorea, which Michael Jordan's Fungi says has a lower surface "covered with brownish pointed hairs," and, "margin ciliated [which means fringed] with longer hairs". It also describes the taste as, "not distinctive". I'll take his word for that.

*Yes, I had to go rooting around in a cow pat for this one.

For the record
Date: 04/01/16
Location: Woods Mill nature reserve
Grid reference: TQ2113

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  1. Some helpful feedback on this first attempt at dung fungus identification, from Vivien Hodge:

    "Well done for having a look for dung fungi. Cheilymenia seems reasonable for genus but ... there are several possibilities and microscopy is essential to be sure. A good starting point regarding literature is a slim booklet, ‘Keys to Fungi on Dung’ by M.J. Richardson and Roy Watling available as an on-line document on BMS website []. Microscopy is absolutely essential for dung fungi but you could still have fun looking at whatever you find at the magnification your photos are at.