Saturday, 17 October 2020

Entoloma Challenge

On last year's grassland fungi surveys, the big surprise for me – along with the abundance of waxcaps – was how impressive some of the Entolomas were (see 'Enjoying Entolomas'). So imagine my delight this year to find the fields festooned just with Entolomas. Hardly a waxcap in sight. Just little brown Entolomas.

Here are some finds from a farm in the High Weald, visited on 16 November 2020.

First field 

Mushroom 1 (Collected by CB)

Just one small solitary specimen of this. The lilac stipe and pale brown cap completely threw me when we found this in the field - don't think it's one I've come across before.

Could it be Entoloma griseocyaneum?

Mushroom 2 (Collected by CB)

OK, I remember this one from last year with that blue edge to the gills. Entoloma serrulatum.

Mushroom 3

I think I'm seeing concentric bands on this one. Would that make it Entoloma infula?


Mushroom 4 (Collected by CB)

Orange tones to this one...

I checked the gill edges and I think they're concolorous with the gills but it's hard to capture in an image. So I'm thinking something in the region of Entoloma formosum... but would need further investigation to confirm?

Mushroom 5 (Collected by CM)

Beige mushrooms. I'm drawing a blank on these!


Second field

No CHEGD fungi found.

Third field

Mushroom 6 (Collected by CM)

More orange-y ones.

Mushroom 7 (Collected by CB)

Something similar. Dark scales at centre of cap seem a notable feature...


Top field

Mushroom 8

Classic Entoloma infula?

Mushroom 9 (Collected by CB)

Another slightly yellow-brown one. Cap slightly scaly. (Very similar to Mushroom 7). 

Mushroom 10 (Collected by CB)

Mealy smell. Entoloma sericeum?

Mushroom 11

Just a pretty picture as I failed to photograph the pertinent feature, but I checked this patch in the field and they had blue gill-edges: Entoloma serrulatum

Mushroom 12 (Collected by CB & CM) 

I got all excited when I saw the blue tones on this one and thought I might have found something in the Entoloma bloxamii complex; but it seemed a bit small for that.

Looking in Fungi of Temperate Europe, I wonder if I've got Entoloma griseocyaneum here? (See also Mushroom 1).


Not a bad haul for a morning's Entoloma watching. 

Any feedback on what I've photographed here, and how to increase certainty on IDs would be very welcome!

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