Sunday, 28 October 2018

Back in Tilgate Park

We were back at one of Sussex Fungus Group's usual haunts today: Tilgate Park in Crawley. I think this is my third foray here, since my first visit in 2016.

I wasn't sure we'd see much, as the weather has continued to be very dry here in Sussex. But it actually turned out to be pretty interesting.

Growing on mulch, in one of the flower beds, we came across a nice patch of Cucumber Cap Macrocystidia cucumis. These smelled like pickled herring to me.

A patch of disturbed ground near a big old tree stump produced Orange Peel Fungus Aleuria aurantia.

The lawns were not as productive as they've been in previous years, but we did find some young Trooping Funnel Clitocybe geotropa getting ready to get their 'funnel' on.

At the edge of the park, tucked away under some trees, we found a load of Clouded Funnel Clitocybe nebularis.

The long run of mushrooms heading straight for this big pile of leaves reminded me of that video of that dog that everyone's been going nuts over this week.

A big old felled beech trunk, which had long since lost its bark, was home to a few different species. These proved something of a mystery:

The grey-brown caps have cracked into round patches.

Strangely, this only seems to be the case where the caps have seen the sun. Where these fruit bodies were tucked away under the main body of the trunk, the caps have remained cream-coloured.

The gills are crowded.

The gill attachment is more or less adnate, I think.

I'm also getting a mealy smell off them.

Nick Aplin has suggested this collection could perhaps be Hypsizygus tessulatus. Am waiting on a spore print which will hopefully help with confirming an identification.

Walking through a patch of mixed woodland, we saw a nice patch of Sheathed Woodtuft Kuehneromyces mutabilis. I think I'm slowly getting my eye in for the difference between this and the very-similar-looking Funeral Bell Galerina marginata... These certainly were very tufty.

From there we headed for the Pinetum, where Primrose Brittlegill Russula sardonia was showing nicely.

Nick Aplin identified this chunky-looking club as Wrinkled Club Clavulina rugosa.

These weren't quite so easy. I think they must be one of the yellow Clavulinopsis species, but I'm a bit vague on how to tell them apart.

Another thing I'm pretty vague on is how to sort out grey Amanita species, like these.

The veil remnants are grey (not white), and the stipe is finely striate above the ring.

I think I'm leaning towards Amanita excelsa var. spissa, but I'm not sure the base is the right shape. I'll get a spore print and see if that helps.

There were some nice fresh milkcaps around, including these reddish-brown characters. Once again, I failed in my attempt to get enough milk out of one to wet a tissue. Could be Liver Milkcap Lactarius hepaticus, growing with pine. The spores should show a more-or-less complete reticulum if it is.

I've also come home with an Inocybe to practise my microscopy skills on...

For the record
Date: 28/10/2018
Location: Tilgate Park, Crawley

All records to be submitted via Sussex Fungus Group

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