Sunday, 5 November 2017


We found this beauty growing on the edge of a woodland near Steyning this afternoon.

We'd seen quite a few Parasol Macrolepiota procera still putting on a show and at first we thought this was another one of those. But the white, slender stem gave it away as something different...

 ... I believe it's the Slender Parasol Macrolepiota mastoidea which I've seen only once before, on a field course in Suffolk with Geoffrey Kibby.

It gets its scientific name from its resemblance to, yup, you've guessed it...


For the record
Date: 5 November 2017

Location: Near Spithandle Lane, Ashurst, West Sussex
Grid reference:  TQ174140

Record entered into FRDBI 07/09/2018

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