Wednesday, 15 February 2017

This is what Spring Hazelcup habitat looks like

Following the return of Spring Hazelcup Encoelia furfuracea to Hoe Wood earlier this week, as I mentioned here, I thought I'd get out and check the other sites round the village where I found fruiting bodies last year.

Scanning the overgrown hazels which border one of the footpaths to the west of the village, I eventually struck lucky with this one. 

Spring Hazelcup E. furfuracea habitat, New Hall footpath, Small Dole.

Spring Hazelcup E. furfuracea fruit bodies were just emerging from one of the vertical branches.

So that's fruit bodies re-found at two out of three sites where this species occurred last year.

I went on to check the straggly hazel tree where I first found Spring Hazelcup E. furfuracea, in January 2015, but found no sign of it there.

I did, however, find another little outcrop of Spring Hazelcup E. furfuracea growing on one of the old coppice hazels in Horton Wood, here:

Spring Hazelcup E. furfuracea habitat, Horton Wood, Small Dole

Not bad for an afternoon's work.

For the record
Date: 13/02/2017
Location: New Hall public footpath, Small Dole & Horton Wood, Small Dole
Grid reference: TQ20851311 & TQ20801272
Entered into FRDBI: 15/02/2017

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